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Study Material

Subject Download
Sem 4 - Hypersensitivity, Dr. Debashis Das. View
Sem 2 - Affinity of Hemichordates, Dr. Debashis Das View
Sem 4 Evolution of Heart in Vertebrates, Dr. Puja Pal View
Sem 4 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy circulatory system, Dr. Puja Pal View
Sem 4_ aortic arches intro, Dr. Puja Pal View
SEM 2 Cell_ Signaling, Dr. Puja Pal View
Plasma membrane, Dr. Subhasree Sengupta View
Magnetic Properties of Matter, Kaushik Naskar View
Molluscan larval forms, Dr. Subhasree Sengupta View
Dentition in mammals 4th sem, Dr. Silpi Acharyya View
Comparative anatomy of stomach 4th sem, Dr. Silpi Acharyya View
2nd sem Mitochondria, Dr. Silpi Acharyya View
2nd sem Classification of Phylum Annelida, Dr. Silpi Acharyya View
ZOOLOGY www.mhhe.com/hickmanipz
ZOOLOGY http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coral_reef
ZOOLOGY www.brookerbiology.com
ZOOLOGY http://www.mhhe.com/maderbiology10
ZOOLOGY http://www.proteome.com
ZOOLOGY http://gdbwww.gdb.org/omimdoc/omimtop.html
ZOOLOGY http://www.embl-ebi.acuk/flybase/
ZOOLOGY http://biology.brookscole.com/solomon7
ZOOLOGY www.cengage.com/chemistry/campbell/biochemistry8e/studentsite