taki government college

[Accredited by NAAC since 26 September 2018]

The College is under CCTV Surveillance and has the LAN, Wi-Fi & Intercom facilities.

About Alumni Association of College

The Alumni Association/Chapter of the Taki Government College (functional and in the process of getting registered) have been contributing significantly to the development of the institution through financial and non financial means during the last five years.

The Alumni Association of the College has been constituted in a meeting held on 30th January, 2016. The following members were elected to discharge various responsibilities towards smooth functioning of the Alumni Association.

Advisory Committee

  • Sri Goutam Deb
  • Sri Sibu Banerjee
  • Sri Priya Ranjan Bhattacharya
  • Sri Dilip Banerjee


  • Prof. Amarendra Nath Das

Vice Presidents

  • Sri Arun Ghosh
  • Sri Dipak Basu
  • Sri Biswapati Das
  • Smt. Minati Dey
  • Sri Pranab Sarkar

Working Presidents

  • Prof. Khagen Adhikary
  • Sri Shyamal Banerjee


  • Sri Somnath Mukherjee

Joint Secretary

  • Smt. Manisha Mukherjee
  • Sri Bhismadeb Mondal


  • Sri Subrata Mukherjee


  • Md.Hanif Ali Gazi

At the present, the member strength of this association is at 67 and the formation of the association is still continuing.

The Taki Government College is a gubernatorial educational institution whose academic and allied activities are entirely funded by the Department of Higher Education, Science Technology and Bio-Technology, Govt. of West Bengal. The College is liable to deposit the tution fees collected from the students in the government exchequer through local treasury (in case of Taki Government College, it is Basirhat Treasury). Because of being fully a Government Institution, it cannot take and utilize any fund from any individual or organization beyond the jurisdiction of the State Government (Govt. of W.B.) or the National Government (Govt. of India). Therefore, the question of collecting and utilizing any direct financial resource from the individual alumnus or the alumni association as a whole, for the academic and allied activities of College, is not viable and hence such exploration by the College is probably not judicious.

All the members of the association are very active and have been extending their helping hands to develop the infrastructure of the College as well as to keep healthy environment in the College. The alumnus also takes initiative and play active role in holding various academically motivated social and cultural programmes in the College. On 15th September 2017, the foundation day of the College, the felicitation of the successful students of the College was held jointly by all the Human Resource sections of the College (Students, Teachers, Support Staff, Parents/Guardians) with the active help of Alumni Association. Sri Somnath Mukhopadhyay, the Secretary of Alumni Association and the Chairman of Taki Municipality as well as other respected members of the Alumni Association were present in the felicitation ceremony.