taki government college

[Accredited by NAAC since 26 September 2018]

The College is under CCTV Surveillance and has the LAN, Wi-Fi & Intercom facilities.

IQAC of Taki Government College

Objectives of IQAC - Keeping in view the development of consistent, conspicuous and catalytic programmed activities to improve academic and administrative performance, quality enhancement of the College, following objectives were adopted -
1. Infrastructure development for creation of learner-centric conducive environment for quality education.
2. Faculty maturation to adopt the required knowledge and technology for quality enhancement.
3. Enhancement of academic excellence of teachers encouraging their research potential to indirectly benefit the students.
4. Arrangements for feedback system from students, parents periodically regarding quality related parameters of teaching and learning.
5. Organization of seminars, workshops on relevant themes.

IQAC suggested followings -
1. Infrastructure development of the College for proper utilization of available space in the college in most efficient way to satisfy the needs of different departments.
2. Suggested for class teaching with computer based methodology using projectors, like power point presentation in most of the classrooms especially in science departments and provided internet facility to each department for the benefits of teachers as well as students.
3. Suggested for periodical departmental meeting with the students and their guardians to have feed-back regarding their progress, academic environment of the college, facilities they receive also to get acquainted with their grievances if any and valuable suggestions.
4. IQAC regularly visit different departments to meet faculty members and non-teaching staffs to know about their needs and suggestions for smooth functioning of the respective department.
5. IQAC also suggested for cheap canteen with student-friendly price chart and cheap store for the benefit of the students.
6. Knowing well the fact that teachers academic excellence percolates to their students, measures were taken to improve the academic excellence of the faculty members. They were encouraged to participate in different seminars, workshops, apply for minor and major research projects.
7. Session-wise declaration of administrative activities and academic achievements of faculty members are kept in prescribed format.
Each and every measure taken for betterment was evaluated for fruitful application in future in better way.