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The College is under CCTV Surveillance and has the LAN, Wi-Fi & Intercom facilities.

English Department

Departmental Profile

1. Year of Establishment : 1950 UG and 2014 PG
2. Names of Programmes / Courses offered : UG (H) UG(G) and PG
3. Number of Teaching Post

Name of the Post Sanctioned Filled
Professor NIL NIL
Associate Professor NIL NIL
Assistant Professor 5 5
Part-time Faculty NIL 2

4. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff; sanctioned and filled

Category of Staff Sanctioned Filled
Academic support staff (technical) NIL NIL
Administrative/Supporting staff NIL 1

5. Details of Infrastructural Facilities and Logistic Support :

  • The department of English offers to its students a seminar library which stores books on British literature, American literature, Indian writing and Literary Theory among others. These books may be used by students for M.A course especially.
  • There is also a departmental library with collection of books of vernacular and English, nationaland international titles, which have been gifted to the department by visiting faculty, and ex-teachers of the department.
  • Student and faculties of the department enjoy wifi facilities within the college campus during the entire college hours.
  • Photocopying machine in the department staff room.
  • OHP with laptop in smart classroom.

6. Program Outcome

  • To impart English-medium based undergraduate level education that is Bachelor Degree in Science and Arts courses in accordance with affiliating University' Curriculum and the UGC Guidelines.
  • Understanding and Correlating between Theoretical and Experimental aspects of the subjects (highly essential for Laboratory based subjects).
  • Developing concepts in Pure Subjects along with Applied and Interdisciplinary Subject Areas for Real Life Applications.
  • Identify various Academic and Professional areas.
  • Catering to the needs of Present Day Problems & allied Thrust Areas and Service to Human Race.

7. Program Specific Outcome (PSO)
English – Courses offered – Bachelor and Master Degree. Develops command in reading, writing, interpreting, public speaking, linguistic analysis etcetera.

8. Course Outcomes

  • Students will develop the ability to write well—critically and creatively.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to think critically about the ways in which various aspects of identity, subject positions and affiliations function.
  • Students will acquire the demonstrable ability to use the terms, categories, and concepts of critical or "close" reading.

Faculty Members

Sl. No Faculty Name & Designation Profile
1. Biswajit Das, Assistant Professor & HOD View profile
2. Nawazish Azim, Assistant Professor View profile
3. Sambuddha Basu, Assistant Professor View profile
4. Dr. Ayushman Chakraborty, Assistant Professor View profile
5. Rahul Basu, Assistant Professor View profile
6. Irina Sultana, Part time teacher View profile
7. Avik Ghosh, Part time teacher View profile

Academic Resources

English Honours UG Syllabus English General UG Syllabus WBSU English MA Syllabus
Study Material
Dates - Vic, Dr Ayushman Chakraborty
On the Knocking
The Romantic Age
The Romantic Movement
The Tyger, Dr Ayushman Chakraborty
Study Material 1
Study Material 2
Keats 4 Ode on a Grecian Urn, Sambuddha Basu
Keats 5 Grecian Urn and Autumn, Sambuddha Basu
An Alternative Interpretation of Christina Rossetti's Goblin Market, Rahul Basu
Christina Rossetti, Rahul Basu
Dr. Johnson, Essay no. 156, Rahul Basu
Events and History in Goblin Market, Rahul Basu
Goblin Market, Rahul Basu
Intertwining themes in Goblin Market, Rahul Basu
Reading Victorian Poetry, Rahul Basu
Tennyson 'Ulysses', Rahul Basu
Tennyson Ulysses 1, Rahul Basu
Tennyson Ulysses 2, Rahul Basu
The Enchantment of Goblin Market, Rahul Basu
The Nature of Dr. Johnson's Rationalism, Rahul Basu
The Reception of Johnson's Prose Style, Rahul Basu
Towards an Understanding of Johnson's Rambler, Rahul Basu
Ullysses vocabs lists, Rahul Basu
Keats 6 Autumn, Sambuddha Basu
Twelfth Night 1 Love Disguise and Knowledge, Sambuddha Basu
Twelfth Night 2 Shakespearean Comedy, Sambuddha Basu

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Departmental Student Feedback

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