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Physics Department

Departmental Profile

1. Year of Establishment : 1950
2. Names of Programmes / Courses offered : UG (Honours and General)
3. Number of teaching posts:

Name of the Post Sanctioned Filled
Professor (WBSES-Principal) 1 1
Associate Professor 0 1
Assistant Professor 7 5
Part Time NIL NIL

4. Number of academic support staff (technical) and administrative staff; sanctioned and filled

Category of Staff Sanctioned Filled
Academic support staff (technical) NIL NIL
Administrative/Supporting staff NIL NIL

5. Details of Infrastructural Facilities and Logistic Support :

  • There are 6 class rooms for the students and one staff room for teachers.
  • Out of which 3 class rooms are assigned for practical laboratory (for both Honours and General students) where practical classes are conducted and one is for computer practical.
  • One ICT-enabled class room exists for multimedia presentation with the help of LCD projector which is combinedly used with Department of Mathematics.
  • As an extention to the Main College library, a departmental seminar library with nearly 266 reference books for the existing students.
  • Apart from seminar library, we have a small Book Bank especially for General course students.
  • We have internet facilities and Wi-Fi connection for Staff & Students.

Program Outcome

  • To impart English-medium based undergraduate level education that is Bachelor Degree in Science and Arts courses in accordance withaffiliating University's Curriculum andthe UGC Guidelines.
  • Understanding and Correlating between Theoretical and Experimental aspects of the subjects (highly essential for Laboratory based subjects).
  • Developing concepts in Pure Subjects along with Applied and Interdisciplinary Subject Areas for Real Life Applications.
  • Identify various Academic and Professional areas.
  • Catering to the needs of Present Day Problems & allied Thrust Areas and Service to Human Race.

7. Program Specific Outcome (PSO)
Development of Theoretical and Experimental knowledge, Mathematical Concepts along with different aspects of Physics, Real-time and Practical Problems, Modern Opto-Electronic and Instrumentation Applications, Astronomy and Space Science, Telecommunication, Automatic Control Systems, Nano-science and technology, Future introduction to Interdisciplinary areas – Biophysics and Geophysics.

Course Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of selected topics from classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, electrodynamics and thermal physics and be able to apply these knowledge to analyze a broad range of physical phenomena theoretically as well as experimentally.
  • Students will be capable of oral and written scientific communication and will prove that they can think critically and work independently.

Faculty Members

Sl. No Faculty Name & Designation Profile
1. Dr. Biplab Chattopadhyay, Principal View profile
2. Dr. Abhijit De, Associate Professor & HOD View profile
3. Dr. Bhaskar De, Assistant Professor View profile
4. Dr Sutapa Ghosh, Assistant Professor View profile
5. Jyoti Saha, Assistant Professor View profile
6. Rama Prasad Adak, Assistant Professor View profile
7. Kaushik Naskar, Assistant Professor View profile

Academic Resources

Physics Syllabus
DEPARTMENT Study Material
PHYSICS Relativistic dynamics, Dr. Abhijit De
PHYSICS Introduction to dielectrics, Dr. Abhijit De
PHYSICS Electric Field and Potential, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS Nuclear Physics, Dr. Bhaskar De
PHYSICS Interference and Interferometer, Dr. Bhaskar De
PHYSICS Notes on The Field Effect Transistor FET, Jyoti Saha
PHYSICS Waves And Optics, Dr. Rama Prasad Adak
PHYSICS Magnetic Properties of Matter, Kaushik Naskar
PHYSICS Emergence of Quantum Physics, Kaushik Naskar
PHYSICS Integral Transform, Kaushik Naskar
PHYSICS Laplaces spherical, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS Boundary Value Problem Note 2, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS Boundary Value Problem Note 1, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS Ultra-Violet Catastrophe, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS Blackbody Radiation Note 1, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS Boltzmann Weight Factor, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS Collection of Identical Entities Note 2, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS Collection of Identical Entities Note 1, Dr. Sutapa Ghosh
PHYSICS WaveMotion SEM 2 AD, Dr. Abhijit De
PHYSICS Fluids surface tension and viscosity GET 4 AD, Dr. Abhijit De
PHYSICS Diodes Rectifiers SEM 4 CCT 10 AD, Dr. Abhijit De
PHYSICS Laser CC SEM 4 - AD, Dr. Abhijit De
PHYSICS Polarization SEM - 4, Dr. Abhijit De
PHYSICS www.iapt.org
PHYSICS www.practicalphysics.org
PHYSICS https://en.wikipedia.org/
PHYSICS www.iisc.ernet.in/ug/physics
PHYSICS https://www.nature.com/
PHYSICS www.iop.org/events/scientific/
PHYSICS http://www.onlinecolleges.net/100-amazing-videos-for-teaching-and-studying-physics/
PHYSICS https://dspace.mit.edu/

Class Routine

Class Routine of Physics

Departmental Student Feedback

Departmental Feedback of Physics